The Metroid Franchise

Of all the video games that have been released for Nintendo, none created such a unique and exciting experience quite like the series of Metroid video games. Metroid was originally released for Nintendo in 1986 and happened to be a video game primarily created by the first-party developers at Nintendo itself.

The game focuses around the heroine Samus Aran, as she embarks on quests and adventures in a futuristic setting taking place around the cosmos. Samus’ main purpose is to protect the various parts of the galaxies from space pirates and preventing them from gaining power by harnessing metroids. In stark contrast to other games of the time, Metroid was a darker and more brooding video game, giving it widespread appeal to young and older audiences alike. As far as gameplay mechanics, the original Metroid was a combination of platforming akin to Super Mario Brothers and side-scrolling shooting similar to the Contra games, with Zelda-like exploration thrown into the mix.

At the present time, over 17 million copies of Metroid in its different incarnations have been sold around the world. There have been a total of 11 titles so far in the Metroid series, and with the introduction of the Nintendo NX system, that number is likely to grow. Each title has obviously received varying levels of praise from gaming critics, but fans of the series are more than familiar with every single game. Samus has made appearances in other games like Super Smash Bros as a successful crossover along with other popular Nintendo game characters.

Online Slot Games for Metroid Players

Because many parallels can be found between video games and online slots, there are plenty of titles that gamers can try for an exciting experience and the possibility of rewarding payouts. In the realm of the Metroid series, players will be able to find numerous online slot games that reflect the same type of atmosphere and gameplay that is enjoyed from the Nintendo console’s classic franchise.

Max Damage is a modern video slot released by Microgaming that has five reels and 243 total payways that can award the player with payouts. This online slot has quite a bit in common with the Metroid games, revolving around a futuristic time period and a space-dwelling hero who protects others from the powerful, alien enemy. The Max Damage online slot has great visuals and audio, but it is also simple to learn and play. Because it is an advanced video slot, players can expect lots of extra features that make it more exciting.

Starscape is another Microgaming title that dedicated Metroid players will find appealing. While the action of gameplay isn’t as present in this slot, the setting of space is presented in all of its glory and creates a much more epic experience as the player spins the reels. The Starscape online slot at the best online casinos has 5 reels and 25 paylines, along with numerous betting options and expert settings for more experienced players. If any gamer is looking for online slots that represent the spirit of the Metroid franchise, Starscape is a great place to start.